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Science after the Festival with the SciSchmooze 11.13.17

Greetings Science Fans,

Our first listing using the current calendar and format was  The Allen Telescope Array: A Radio Survey Telescope for the 21st Century happening on Nov 5, 2008. That was less than  10 years ago. Jill Tarter was one of the presenters at SETI. She and many other scientists, have been actively coming out of the labs (or observatories) to share with us what they are discovering. The  7th Annual Discovery Day at AT&T Park yesterday was the 21,276th listing! The key point I’d like you to take away from this and every edition of the SciSchmooze is that there are amazing opportunities throughout the year to learn new things about how our universe works, affects us, and we affect it. I know I can speak for the whole SciSchmooze team when I say how proud we are to have shared that many opportunities with you. So don’t stop looking for new opportunities, they happen almost every day of the year. I hope to see you at some of them.

I think most of us can agree that  science is under attack these days.  Science Is Not Political. It is imperative that not only do we continue to learn and understand science as much as possible to survive the challenges to our home planet, but we need to...

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