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The last 40 years with the SciSchmooze 9.16.17

Greetings Science Fans,

I have to apologize for this issue of the SciSchmooze. I have been reveling in the accomplishments of the folks at NASA and our Moon for the last two months. I find that I am at a loss for words (that rarely happens!) when I consider what we have celebrated recently.

40 years ago  Voyager 2 and Voyager 1 started their journey. It has been  an amazing journey and what we have learned from and achieved with them is stunning. When they were launched vinyl records were the way to hear music, cell phones didn’t exist, and the internet was an idea.

 Where Are the Voyagers Now? Voyager went to Saturn before Cassini!
 Voyager 1 Trajectory through the Solar System
 The Farthest — Voyager in Space is an amazing story about the Voyagers. I can’t recommend in enough.

Between the two Voyager anniversaries, the  moon got in the way of the sun’s light. This really shows the beauty and wonder of the Great Eclipse of 2017. I wonder how many of us actually went to see it. I did.

And then there is (was) Cassini. It was an astounding success as well. In 1997 pagers were high tech and...

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