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About that science thing, with the SciSchmooze 1.15.18

Greetings Science Fans,

I have to confess, I fell down the web hole this week, and this means there will be lots of links! It is such an incredible time to be alive. I think an important element of science is inquiry. This is the basis of the   scientific method. I think it is fair to say that since humans began keeping records there have always been mentions of wonder and not knowing what something is, what causes something, or how to do something. Throughout this time we have been discarding inadequate, bad, wrong, or outdated ideas. Dare I say that there are far fewer   gods worshipped now than in the past? I suggest that much of this can be attributed to the human desire to know the “truth” (subject to definition) about the universe we live in.

Some claim there is a war on   religion,   science,   truth,   media,   culture, etc. (As an aside, it is amazing how many references there are to either religion or Donald Trump when you google those war items!) I think it is fair to say there is still...

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