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SciSchmooze for March 18, 2018

Hello Schmoozers,

Hope you all are finding ways to keep yourself entertained despite the rain. Here's a dose of fresh Sunday evening Schmooze to help with that.

Last time, I wrote about Women's day and how scientists should actively participate in science communication. In this context, I want to talk about this article published in careers section of Science magazine, a well-respected publication, which recently came under severe scrutiny from the science community. The crux of the issue is that the author, a graduate student, focused this op-ed on a fellow graduate student who is an avid scicomm-er on Instagram. While there are some good points about women's equality scattered in the article, overall it comes across as a petty and unnecessary personal attack on a fellow female scientist for her choice of means of science communication.

Here's a rebuttal published in The Verge. I will let you judge both sides for yourself, but in my opinion, women should stand together to applaud each other's efforts and celebrate the diversity of their nature, rather than tear each other apart. Moreover,...

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