This is not a SciSchmooze test! 2.20.17

Greetings Science Supporters,

I’m not an orator or even that original of a writer. I am however a firm supporter of science and science education. Last week you may have missed my encouragement to read Professor Andrew Fraknoi’s commencement speech to the graduating class at Foothill College. Just in case you missed it: Why Should I Believe a Word of This? You can read it as it is but I encourage you to reflect on its’ relevance to all walks of life both starting out and learning in formal education but also in that endeavor to keep learning throughout life. So I ask that if you never click on another link I include in the SciSchmooze, please read it.

It really does seem like we are in a war on science (note this link is to a video from Oct 15!) these days. Regardless whether you call it a war on science, many forces are trying to discredit it for a variety of reasons. There are so many great advocates and leaders in the science community you could never read them all. One who I am really coming to admire for his stance defending science is Jonathan Foley the Executive Director at the California Academy of Sciences. Please check out I’m a Scientist. This is What I’ll Fight For. (Note: This is from his own blog, not the CalAcademy) There is so much good science out there on the web it makes you wonder how these Top 10 Worst Anti-Science Web Sites even exist. If you want more info on this one, Brian Dunning will be presenting at SkeptiCal 2017 on June 11!

It looks like we may have a lot of practice getting ready for the...

March for Science. Look at what happened this weekend in Boston! It is amazing how many satellite marches are being scheduled. There are now 23 in California alone!

There is a wealth of science knowledge being shared this week. Here are a few that I think warrant some special attention:

  1. Dream Big: Girls Day @ The Tech Mon 10AM San Jose
  2. Astronomy on Tap Bay Area: Inflation! Tue 7:30PM San Francisco
  3. Geology Up-Close - Big answers from small scale observations Thu 7PM Menlo Park

Also note this Monday is (past) President’s Day The explOratorium is open and there is Free Admission to National Parks on Presidents Day.

They’re back at it again. You may remember the live webcasts from the ocean floor off the coast of San Mateo County a few months back. Now the folks on the NOAA Ship Okeanos Explorer are keeping me awake watching their new webcasts from American Samoa, they are amazing.

A bonus question with no reward for answering: Where will you be able to see two of the folks mentioned above at one event on June 11?

Have a great week and have fun learning some new science.

herbert a. masters III
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