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Greetings Science Fans,

I’m not sure if it is the heat or there really is too much cool and interesting stuff happening. It is hard to get myself moving when there are so many things going on in science both in the media and at live presentations.

What a week though. Not even thinking about the weather we had an  immense chunk of  Antarctica’s ice break loose. There is  debate about how much of this was due to climate change and how much of it is just the way things are.  Clarence Darrow and William Jennings Bryan are facing off again. Our constant search for answers keeps bringing new beauty and wonder for us. In the last few days we have been able to view  Jupiter’s great red spot in amazing images and to explore  Pluto’s Majestic Mountains and Icy Plains. Sadly we must face the facts that we aren’t going to any other planets soon. Articles like  Earth Is on Its Way need to be taken seriously if the planet is to continue after we have done our best to change its course of change.

One of our great and lately underappreciated resources is our system of...

public libraries. Did you know that many libraries participate in  Discover and Go? Most of the libraries in the  SF Bay area participate as do  most of the museums! With a D&G pass you can get a great discount and even free admission. It is a big help to many families and it is not well known. Now you know and I hope you will spread the word.

We like to spread the word on interesting and informative opportunities to. Here are three that I think offer some great insight:

  1.  Why?: What Makes Us Curious Mon 7:30PM San Francisco
  2.  SciComm Studio 004: Changing Climate, Changing Minds Thu 6:30-9PM San Francisco
  3.  Phenomenal Physics: Sunday Funday Sun 12-4PM Berkeley

When you hear the name James Lick, what do you think of? The story of the James Lick Observatory is fascinating but so are many other things he did as  California’s First Philanthropist. We are lucky he had such an appreciation for science. The exhibit ends August 31 so don’t wait until you are distracted by the eclipse, go check it out.

Speaking of eclipses... The explOratorium is diving in big time. Checkout  The 2017 Total Solar Eclipse | Exploratorium and  TOTAL SOLAR ECLIPSE. If you are having second thoughts about going to see the eclipse live,  Oregon State University still has rooms, meals, and more for the best price I have seen.

Are you a science fiction fan? A lot of science fiction is really about how we see ourselves and the issues of the day while trying to take the currency of them out of the story. Here’s an interesting article:  Muslim tradition of sci-fi and speculative fiction.

Here’s something to think about when you  consider sea level rise.

Have a great week learning something new and celebrating science.

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Science “is an entire exercise in finding what is true.”  Science in America - Neil deGrasse Tyson

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